You know that starting out in the garden can be hard. What are you going to put where? Do you have big dreams, but no idea where to begin? Then let me help you. 

Remember: You are not alone, everyone has to start somewhere. Like me, you might be starting from scratch, learning as you grow. 

I started out with a small gravel patch next to a family friends’ conservatory. Since moving house, I’ve graduated into a North-facing garden. 

You might think this is a large leap to make, but I had to start somewhere. With no real gardening experience, I turned to Google, books and Gardens World. You might not know how to start either, but remember one thing:

If you don’t ask questions, you will never learn anything new.

So take your time, read the posts, and if you don’t understand something (or even want to share your own experiences to help others) then leave a comment on each post.

Everyone can enjoy gardening, but not everyone knows where to start.