Top Tips for Silty Soil

Silt soil has very small particles, making it soft and very easy to work with. Usually found in areas where it has been deposited in the past (such as a flood plain). These areas make silt soil retain more moisture and reasonably fertile.

Silt Soil
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However, because these particles are slightly smaller, and silt is soft to the touch, the soil can be easily compacted. To make the soil less likely to suffer from wind erosion, then incorporate some organic material, either compost or topsoil.

How to improve Silty Soil
Add well-rotted organic matter to help improve water retention, and decrease the likelihood of the silty particles being washed or blown away

– Try not to tread on the surface during wetter periods. This compacts the particles, letting water sit on the surface and not drain away. Use a wooden plank if you do need to. This spreads your weight more evenly, stopping the compaction of the surface.

– Regularly add compost or mulch to the surface of the silty soil. It is so free draining, that any nutrients will drain away in heavy period of rain, or just over time. Use a garden fork and work in the compost, ensuring that you have an even spread throughout.

Top 5 Plants for Silty Soil

Silt Soil Collage
Top Left: Nicotiana (Tobacco Plant), Bottom Left: Phormium, Middle: Yellow Iris, Top Right: Ornamental Vine, Bottom Right: Hakonechloa Grass

So there we have it, top tips on how to improve silt soil, and some of my top 5 plants that you can grow yourself.

What do you think? If you have silt soil in your garden, then I would love for you to share your own experience, including what plants you have that grow well too.

Please do tell me about your own experiences in the comments below, and share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook so that everyone can see that silty soil isn’t the nightmare that some people think it is.


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