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Top Tips for Peat Soil

Peat soil could be seen as the best type of soil to have in your garden. Made up of nearly all organic material, it’s ideal for a thriving garden.

It’s fibrous make-up means that it has both large and small pore spaces, ideal for retaining moisture, ideal for plants that like these conditions.

However, it is very acidic, which means that there is a slower level of decomposition of organic matter, which is key when it comes to giving plants the nutrients they need.

Peat Soil

However good this sounds, there is a downside (playing Devils Advocate here now). It is VERY wet (peat BOG remember) during the rainy season (a.k.a all year round in the UK).

Unlike clay soil peat soils dry up a-lot quicker when the weather starts to warm up, meaning that you can start your planting season earlier.

Top Tips for
As peat is an acidic soil, which slows down decomposition, add lime, rich organic matter and compost to reduce acidity.

– Add sharp sand or horticultural grit to aid drainage. Remember, peat bogs can become waterlogged, so you need to improve drainage so the roots of plants don’t rot in the ground.

Top 5 Plants for Peat soil

Peat Soil Collage
Top Left: Camelia, Bottom Left: Heather, Centre: Echinacea, Top Right: Azalea, Bottom Right: Rhododendron

So there you have it, some of the top tips and my top plants for peaty, acidic soil.

What do you think? If you have peaty soil in your garden, then I would love for you to share your own experience, including what plants you have that grow well too.

Please do tell me about your own experiences in the comments below, and share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook so that everyone can see the benefits of peaty soil.


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