Top Tips for Growing Mint

Home grown mint is the ideal addition to any new gardeners growing itinerary, and is an extremely easy herb to grow in your own garden. It comes in a range of flavours, and crushing the leaves releases the refreshing scents for you to enjoy.

Remember: it is best done in pots, as it can be extremely invasive.

Mint in a pot, RHS Wisley

This picture was taken at the RHS Wisley gardens this year, and shows just how easy it is to create a statement in the garden, whilst growing herbs that you can use for your own enjoyment.

If you’re a tea drinker, then you could try to dry the leaves yourself, and use them as a loose-leaf herbal tea.

If you fancy a refreshing drink sooner, then pick the leaves, clean them and add them to boiling water for a few minutes.

Fresh Mint Leaf Tea

Top Tips for Growing Mint

– Unless you want a large area of mint in your garden, grow it in a container. Mint is a bully, and can easily take over a patch of garden, strangling other plants and can quickly become unmanageable. 

– As with all plants, to extend the growing season, pinch out the top leaves of each sprig to encourage bushier, more productive growth. This helps to increase the crop, and keep the mint in shape. 

– Make sure that you mint plant can at least get full sun in the morning, and partial sun in the afternoon. If grown indoors, the same applies, but keep it out of direct heat sources to avoid excessive drying out. 

Growing your own mint couldn’t be easier. All it takes is a bit of care, attention and perseverance.

There’s nothing more satisfying than using your own produce in drinks or food, especially when you’ve grown it from seed or a small plug plant.

What do you think? Do you grow your own mint? How do you use it if you do?

Please do tell me about your own experiences in the comments below, and share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook so that everyone can enjoy their very own home grown mint.


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