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Digitalis “Foxglove” – Picture Special

I’ve been growing the Digitalis “Foxglove” in my garden since the beginning. Not only do they add structure and depth to the borders, but the bees love them! #savethebees and all that.

So I just thought a few pictures of the Digitalis “Foxgloves” might help inspire you to grow your own, so you can enjoy them in your own garden too.

I love the bell-shaped flowers on each of the stems, and it’s fascinating to watch the bees crawl all the way inside just to drink the sweet nectar and collect the pollen inside.

The bees were loving the nectar and pollen

The Digital Foxgloves that I grow are from seeds, and if you do grow them yourself from seed, don’t expect them to flower in the same year.

Foxgloves are biennials, meaning they put all their energy into growing leaves the first year, fade back in winter, then the following spring burst back into growth, flowering (in my case anyway) right up until the first frosts.

For some gardeners, this might be a bit of a long-winded process, so it’s just as easy to buy larger specimens from shops that are already in their second year. All you have to do is plant them out, water well in their first week, then sit back and let them burst into bloom.

What do you think? Do you grow from seed, or have you bought from garden centres? Do you like the Foxgloves, or are they not to your taste? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

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