How to Plant Lavender in 5 Easy Steps

How to Grow Lavender in 5 Easy Steps

For the budding gardener, it can sometimes be hard to understand just how to keep plants alive and happy. From my own experiences, lavender is a very easy plant to grow, especially if you understand how it likes to live.

Keep reading for How to Grow Lavender in 5 Easy Steps, with some of my top tips at the end for things you need to remember.

Step 1 – Add Drainage

How to Grow Lavender 1
How to Grow Lavender: Step 1

Lavender loves drainage. The more the better. For my own plants, I added at least 1.5 inches of pea-shingle to the bottom of the pot.

I also added 5 drainage holes to let excess moisture drain away.

Step 2 – Add the compost mix

How to Grow Lavender 2
How to Grow Lavender: Step 2

Add a small amount of the compost mixture on-top of the shingle, and rest the plant pot on top of the compost.

Make sure that the plant is level with the rim of the container, and fill with compost. Don’t take the plant out of it’s pot just yet though.

Step 3 – Check the Levels

How to Grow Lavender 3
How to Grow Lavender: Step 3

When you take the pot out of the compost, you will have a hole the same size and shape as the root ball of the plant. Take the lavender out of its pot, and put back into the hole.

Keeping the lavender in it’s pot before you plant makes your life easier, especially if you think you need to add some more compost.

Step 4 – Firm down and layer

How to Grow Lavender 4
How to Grow Lavender: Step 4

Put simply, all you need to do now firm down the lavender into the compost, and layer on some more grit. This helps with surface-water drainage, and keeps down any weed that may start to grow on the top.

Step 5 – Water Well

I would have put a picture for this, but to be honest all you need to do is give your new lavender a good drink.

Don’t pour too much on at once, you don’t want to knock the shingle out of the pot. Just do it gradually, but make sure that you give it enough water to help the roots establish quicker in it’s first few weeks in it’s new home.

Top Tips for Planting Lavender


Drainage is crucial when planting lavender in pots. Before adding the compost, I mixed at least 3 more handfuls of gravel to the compost beforehand.


If you aren’t thinking of using the lavender flowers for anything, then make sure you cut them right back to the leaves once they have gone over. This helps promote new growth for years to come.


If you do trim your lavender back, do it in late summer, rather than waiting for Autumn or Winter. This means that the plant has time to adjust before it goes into hibernation-mode in the colder months.


Lavender prefers a sunny position, ideally in a South or East facing place, but still sheltered from strong winds.

So there we have it, how to grow Lavender in 5 Easy Steps, and some of my top tips for afterwards.

What do you think? Do you have lavender in your own garden, and if you do, how has it done? What advice would you give to others before they start growing their own lavender?

Please do tell me about your own experiences in the comments below, and share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook so that everyone can enjoy their (mostly) purple sea of scented flowers.



2 thoughts on “How to Plant Lavender in 5 Easy Steps

    1. Hi Angela,
      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, I haven’t written these guides aren’t for written with a specific location in mind.

      The Rhs gives lavender a hardiness range from H2 (tender – cool or frost free green house) to H5 (hardy 0 cold winter), so how well the plant does might depend on where you are and the local weather?

      My own garden is north facing, with a heavy clay soil, and I’ve had some success with planting lavender directly in the ground. I just had to make sure that I added a lot of drainage and organic matter 🙂

      I hope that helps 🙂


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