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Wildflower Border – Picture Special

Leading on from my recent post on how to plant your very own wild-flower border, I thought it would be good to include some more pictures to give you some extra inspiration on what to plant.

Personally I love having some wild-flowers in the garden, we’ve started to try and attract more pollinators into the garden, and the bees are obsessed with the Borage each year we grow it.

Wildflower seed mix - Poppies, Red and pink
Wildflower Poppies – So easy to grow from seed, the delicate red flower heads seem to float in a summer breeze
Wildflower Seed Mix - Corn Cockle flowers, pink
Corn Cockle Flowers – The delicate pink of these Corn Cockle flowers are a perfect match for the vibrant red of the Poppies
Wildflower Seed Mix, Scabious. Pink
Wildflower Scabious – I love how attractive these wildflowers are to pollinators
Wildflower Seed Mix, Borage
Borage – Like I said, perfect for attracting bees to the garden, and you can eat borage as well
Wildflower Seed Mix. Cornflowers, Blue
Cornflowers – Need I say more, the different shades of blue bring a calm sense to a warm summers day

Don’t feel restricted to only sowing or planting wild-flowers in borders in your garden.

If you wanted to you could always sow them into containers, ideal if you’ve only got a small outdoor space like a patio. Maybe you’re considering starting your own container paradise. Then if you are, take a look at my other picture posts for inspiration.

What do you think? Do you have a wild-flower border in your own garden, and if you do, has it grown well? What advice would you give to others before they start creating their own wild-flower border?

Please do tell me about your own experiences in the comments below, and share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook so that everyone can experience the joy of seeing a waving sea of wild-flower heads.


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